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How does the process work? All bankruptcies follow a standard series of steps, each with an estimated period of time before the process is complete and your debts are discharged. Once the bankruptcy petition is filed, all debt collection attempts are put on an “automatic stay” – they are prohibited from calls, letters or demands for payment during the period of the automatic stay. Therefore the fling alone is actually the beginning of the end to your financial trauma, and the relief that it brings most clients may be the most dramatic benefit of filing for bankruptcy. The federal bankruptcy laws were changed in 2005 to impose more requirements on those filing for bankruptcy relief. With the assistance of a bankruptcy attorney gettysburg pa, all of the documentation and other requirements can be correctly completed and filed on your behalf, and Attorney Quinlan will guide you through the steps and attend all bankruptcy court appearances with you. 

How does the bankruptcy process work?

The timeline of events is generally as follows:
  • Meet with Attorney Quinlan to review your financial situation;
  • Get credit counseling certification as required by the court and can be done online;
  • Take and complete the “means test” with our assistance;
  • Attorney Quinlan will prepare and file your petition and schedules as required, including the Statement of Financial Affairs;
  • In about a month’s time, a “341 meeting” or “meeting of creditors”  will be held with the Trustee (creditors rarely attend);
  • A 60-day period for creditors to dispute the discharge of their debt (this rarely occurs);
  • A financial management course certification is required to be completed and filed before your debts are finally discharged;
  • You will receive the notice of discharge of the debts that were listed on your bankruptcy filing;
  • The whole process takes about 4 – 5 months in most cases.
Gettysburg bankruptcy attorney Quinlan advises clients on their options to handle their debt situations. If bankruptcy is right for them, he guides them through the bankruptcy process. He has helped many clients break free of the crushing burden of debt and gain a fresh start.
If you, a friend or relative is confused about their options or have questions about how best to proceed, they’re not alone. Don’t waste another minute.  Contact us.  Consultations are always free and we sincerely enjoy helping good people through tough times.

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